Street Dance Classes at MSA Dance Academy

MSA Dance Academy is a professional, yet very friendly, dance school which is situated in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands area of the UK. This is a well established Dance School which welcomes Dance Students of all ages and abilities.

Amongst the many genres of dance on offer is the highly contemporary Street Dance Genre of Dancing.

Street dance is an urban art form with its own fashion style and state of mind. Dance styles within the genre include:

  • House (high energy)
  • Hip-Hop (controlled but with a loose vibe)
  • Lyrical (contemporary take on Hip-Hop)
  • Whackin’ (a derivative of 80's vogue-ing)
  • Poppin’ & lockin’ (sharp arm moves, emphasis on shapes, born from funk)
  • Breakin’/B-boying (combination of top-rocking and athletic floor moves)… Plus many more



Street Dance is free, expressive and unrestricting. However it takes heaps of practise and dedication to reach such high standards.

In keeping with the standards of MSA Dance Academy the teachers for this style of dancing need to be both qualified and relevant. It is vital that the teacher must connect with the theme and is also able to demonstrate a high degree of skill.

Look no further than Megan Deanna Rolinson - Street Teacher

Street Dance may well be the activity for you. If you feel that you or your children would like to try this wonderful form of Dance – Why not call Michelle today?

For more information
please call on 07836 670 586.


Megan Rolinson has an impressive CV - Street Dance Teacher- XM Events Championships, 1st Place in Intermediate, 3rd in UDO World Qualifiers.


Guest Teacher, Jovan Rumble will attend MSA Dance for street and contemporary classes