General Gymnastics Classes at MSA Dance Academy

MSA Dance Academy is a leading Dance School providing professional Gymnastics and Dance Classes to students of all abilities.

General Gymnastics is the discipline for most children who want to try gymnastics.  This is not only a fun activity but it also increases poise and confidence. Many children find that this discipline is their first introduction to dance and they go on to explore other genres.

However, some students go on to study Gymnastics and achieve high results in this particular discipline.

Either way, this is the start of a road of fun and enjoyment, for children and young adults, looking for a General Gymnastics class at any level. As with all classes – all of our staff are fully qualified and have ‘hands on’ experience in their area of teaching.

General Gymnastics Classes may well be the activity for your children. If you feel that your children would like to try this for themselves – Why not call Michelle today?

For more information please call on 07836 670 586.