Ballet Dance Classes at MSA Dance Academy

MSA Dance Academy is a leading Dance School providing professional Ballet Classes to students of all abilities.

Ballet is a beautiful form of dancing which may tell a story, express a moral, or just support a piece of music.

Ballet is a very graceful type of dancing in which dancers perform many movements which, when done well, look completely natural.

Dancers may be able to float through the air in ways that seem to defy gravity or spin on the tips of their toes.

Ballet dancing is both beautiful and fun at the same time - it increases fitness and enhances personal confidence and can be pursued as a hobby or used to fuel a career for the truly gifted student.

Character dance

  • a style of balletic folk dance that intends to give a sense of national character and color.
  • a characteristic national dance, as the habañera, mazurka, or polka.
  • a style of balletic folk dance that interprets and represents a character's occupation, mode of living, or personality.

Ballet dancing or Character dance may well be the activity for you. If you feel that you or your children would like to try this wonderful form of Dance – Why not call Michelle today?

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